Simple Directions for Choosing an Ideal Suit

Although it’s true that the suit doesn’t make the man, it’s certainly a great reflection of personal attitude and character. Whether you’re a super busy businessman or just a casual guy – in both cases you should have at least one excellent suit in your wardrobe. Anyway, it’s not enough just to jump into the best store and randomly grab expensive combination, but you must also know how to select something appropriate. So, if you’re buying the suit for the first time, or those which you have don’t match the real you, this is a chance to learn how to find the best one:

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Determine what the suit is for

This should be the main thing you must be clear with, because wearing the wrong suit can be worse from not wearing it at all. In case you work in a company where suits belong to official dress code, fulfil your wardrobe with several whole coloured and classically designed suits in dark nuances. When you need suit for special ceremony or event, your aim should be subtle elegancy, so suits in navy or black should be excellent choice. However, it’s also important to come closer to what you like and what will make you feel comfortable, once you put the suit on.

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Pick the right size

When purchasing a suit, the size really matters, because too long sleeves or tight pants can greatly ruin the overall appearance. It’s recommendable not to rely on your existing suit size when purchasing the new one, but to measure your body parts occasionally, since it’s possible that you’ve gained or lost weight. The safest option is to measure waist area, the width of torso, shoulders and the length of arms and legs, so you can get main dimensions of body contours. When trying the suit in the store, pay attention that jacket is not too long, sleeves should go to the arm angle and pants should fit around the waist area without need for belt.

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Ideal fabric and patterns

When thinking about the fabric type your suit should be consisted of, wool is the best option when you’re buying your first suit. If you’ll be wearing suit during the warmer seasons, then opt for those made of cotton or linen. For those that prefer stylish and sophisticated look, thick or thin vertical stripes can be great pointer of personal style, but custom tailored suits are just perfect option for men that strive to unique and different appearance. However, monochromatic suits can be easily paired with shoes, shirt and tie, and apart from navy colour, you can also select darker blue tones that greatly match black and brown shoes. Black is not the only formal option, so feel free to wear light brown, charcoal or light grey, depending on season, your preference and occasion.

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Matching shirts and ties

The easiest way to reach stylishness and enter personal note to your suit is to combine it with right tie and shirt, and it’s usually all about pairing the right colours. The greatest rule is to avoid same patterns throughout the suit, shirt and tie, and to know that dark red and navy ties can be matched with shirt in light pink or light blue. Beige shirts can be combined with brown ties and when you have stripes over the shirt rely on its base colour to achieve the right combination. Whenever you’re uncertain which shirt to wear, choose white and pair it with almost any tie, from bold-coloured, traditionally red or interestingly patterned one.

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Lapels and buttons

Suit lapels shouldn’t be too narrow or wide, and you can choose them depending on your style. When striving to classical sophistication, notched lapel is the best hit, while peak lapel becomes unavoidable when you want to highlight chic and stylishness. Jacket with one button is only for men with greatly creative mindset and it’s appropriate in non-conservative surrounding. Three-button suits work well for tall men and it should have lapel that can be rolled over the top button, and suits with two-buttons are absolutely must have for any men, but especially for those with short upper body part.

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Suit is definitely a piece of clothes that every modern man must possess, but the most important thing is that it fits personality and body shape, because that’s the only way to achieve flawless and remarkable look.


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