Tackle All Pre-Wedding Skin Concerns With Ease

Skin problems can be a real dampener for a soon-to-be bride. Whether you are worried about acne, wrinkles, rosacea or fine lines, you can certainly get flawless complexion for the big day. Follow these simple tips and see the results before the D-day.


Poor diet, stress and hormones can ruin any woman’s complexion. There might be temptation to pile on zit zappers but that should be curbed. You should remember that your skin cannot be as oily as it was during your younger days and drying products can be more problematic. Use gentle options like Cera Ve or Cetaphil and Retin-A for preventing and decreasing the blemishes. A very little quantity can coat the complete face. Use light gel moisturizer at the end because dry skin can generate pore-clogging oil. You can get a good branded one using Nykaa coupons. Hormonal imbalances might also cause stubborn blemishes around your mouth and would require antibiotics orally.

You should also cut intake of sugar, coffee, booze, dairy and the processed food and switch over to diet of whole grains, organic lean meat, salmon, veggies, fruit and green tea. Add 30 minutes of daily exercise to it as this will help in cutting stress. Whatever is eaten will make the difference. Anti-inflammatory diet will clear acne and help in decreasing pores, puffiness and fine lines making you look your best.

2.Large Pores

These pores can be unclogged to make them look smaller. You could use Clarisonic at home or book extraction with facial about two months prior to wedding. Exfoliate with glycolic-acid cleanser every month at a dermatologist or with glycolic pads at home. The face should be washed before and after the workouts. Since collagen is weakened by UV rays, you must keep away from sun. Remember that trauma stretches the pores.

bride with a mirror

3.Fine Lines & Wrinkles

These may start creeping up in the 20’s. It would be easy to reverse them if you have caught them now. Retinol blasts the acne and also prevents and counteracts wrinkles. You could also use less potent Retin-A derivative or creams with vitamin C bought with purplle coupons for boosting collagen.You should consume eight glasses of water daily and have anti-oxidant fruits such as berries and melons.


These can appear even after single bad sunburn. Pick up the OTC lightening products having azelaic, ferulic and kojic acids. Get the best deals on these products at CouponDekho. You may also try laser which erases spots in few treatments about six months prior to wedding.


Their cause is not known but the red bump clusters are caused by the stress and are very common in brides who are fair skinned. In order to get long lasting results you should consult a dermatologist and they would recommend that these should be cleansed with sulfur wash and treat it with Metrogel. Triggers such as spicy foods, drinks, hot showers should be avoided. Keep ice back ready for chilling the face during workouts. 


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