The Best Pieces of Clothes to Show off Your Skin

The fact is that whatever the tanning disposition, the change in skin tone is bound to happen when you’re on a summer holiday. Cleverly accommodate the tints of your clothes and swimsuits beforehand to match your lovely sun kissed skin while you’re on holiday and in the following period. Join us as we go through the hottest color picks for the summer.

Classic White

The simplest choice for the mesmerizing bronzed skin would be the airy white. It’s also the best one. The lightest hue we can think of employs its bright quality so wonderfully to make even the more modest tan look darker than it is. Go for tank top on the beach, and light dresses or shirts for professional environment.

White dress for business look

Coral Delight

This color is absolutely amazing! It adds a bit of razzmatazz to your cheeks while at the same time doing wonders for your complexion. The healthy glow it brings out owes to its perfect composition of yellowish and pink. Coral works great with practically all hair colors and skin tone, and you can sport it throughout the day.

Golden Star

Nothing like the golden shade to make your appearance jaw-dropping. Awaken your inner African queen with glossy sandals and tribal patterned maxi dress. Metallic swimwear tops would be a killer combo for the young urban girls. With smart accessorizing can make a transition from day at the beach to a night life outfit.

Cheerful Orange

This tint is like a bottled sun, warm and pleasant to the skin. It enhances the brown and red tones of your tanned body. Whether it is melon, pumpkin or persimmon, orange range turns up the radiance to your skin. Monochrome orange skirts and wooden earrings would be a stunning addition to your fashion closet.

Orange skirt & hot pink top

Delicate Blue

This gentle hue exists in abundance of variations. All the pastels are acceptable – lighter the shade, more effective the results. Powder blue, celeste and alice blue are some of the options for the street wear matchup with the tropical tan. Pick bleached dungarees short for the casual everyday look.

Romantic Purple

Several light representatives of the purple category such as thistle, lavender and mauve are indispensable in the summer time. They accentuate the healthy, rosy look and deliver the clean and elegant ensemble. Gathered skirts andfloral dresses in purple bring out the bubbly and girly in you.

Floral & purple style

Hot Pink

You can hardly pass by the pink and not mention its super tanproof quality. This vibrant member of the color wheel is quite explosive when mixed with the mochaccino skin. Selection of hues like deep pink, cherry blossom and bubblegum are a sure win. Wear a polka dot pink vintage-cut dress for the wow effect.

Warm Embrace

You earned that bronze goddess skin tone fair and square. Now it’s time to snuggle in the perfectly fitted or playfully loose clothes in rich colors that complement the tanned skin to the max.

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