The Best Valentine’s Dates For 2016

Let’s face it. Your someone special deserves to be treated in a special way on Valentine’s Day. It might be a good idea to set aside the usual flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and fancy dinner out for some of these more creative and experiential dates, sure to surprise and impress your sweetheart as well as provide memories that will last forever.

1. Go on a geocaching adventure

Combine a treasure hunt with a romantic day. Ahead of time, make a note to give your sweetheart at each location you visit, describing a memory of the past year, a way to enhance the date (“good for one backrub”) or a reason why you love him or her. A geocache adventure is a great way to spend time together exploring your city, your surrounding area or even somewhere you’ve never visited before. Over 2 million geocaching locations ensure that you embark on explorations to amazing and beautiful places. First, create a geocaching account. Next, choose a geocache that you want to find. Then, navigate to its location. The cache may be small or large, difficult or easy to find or involve some kind of exchange (knick-knacks or stamping the logbook, for example). You’ll definitely want to sign the logbook before replacing it where you found it and moving on to your next location. While you’re there, take a few moments to share or read aloud your love note before you move on.

valentine date

2. Go ice-skating or skiing and then snuggle up

These cold-weather activities are always improved when two people can do them together (think of singles versus doubles ice skating at the Olympics!) and can involve lots of things that make for the beginnings of a romantic evening. Sweaters, hot-chocolate, hand-holding, and, of course, lots of fun skating are to be had at outdoor rinks around the country. Take breaks to share some of your first memories together and what you still love about each other.

Or, hit the slopes for a day at a ski resort near you. Chances are you’ll spend a little while in the car getting there, and along the way you can share fourteen things you love about your sweetheart or play a musical collection you’ve created of your favorite love songs. Then enjoy all that a day at the slopes has to offer.

3. Get up for a romantic sunrise

Sure, sunset is always romantic, but getting up to watch the sunrise together has an aura all its own. The experience is even better if you’ve spent the night at a hotel, your room has a Jacuzzi, and you can slip into it afterwards, all the while reading a romantic poem that you borrowed or wrote yourself for your sweetheart. After a relaxing and romantic morning, escape (or dine in!) with a hot breakfast before enjoying the rest of your day with other romantic indulgences like couples spa treatments, cooking classes and massages.

February 14th is about showing the other person how special he or she is to you, but don’t forget to say those all-important words, “I love you” all day and throughout the year!

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