Thinking Before Inking – The Pros and Cons of Having a Tattoo

What used to be a mark only of the tough has now become mainstream. Today, not only rough guys riding Harleys or ex-cons are the ones you see with tattoos. Even that guy or girl next door who seem to be so innocent may have one. Because of its prominence, it has been easy for many people nowadays to think of getting tattoos themselves. If you are thinking getting inked as well, you might want to think it seven times, or better yet seventy times, because as cool as they may seem, tattoos have both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Freedom of Expression

It’s interesting to know that tattoos were a mark of slavery in the past. In Ancient China, in particular, slaves were marked to display ownership. In countries like the Philippines, on the other hand, tattooing during pre-Hispanic colonization was a way to show rank or accomplishments. In the generation where we are in now, tattooing is considered as some form of freedom of expression. Many people who have it consider it as art, or a way for them to let the whole world know of their unique life story.

No More Than Ever 

There is no better time to get a tattoo than now. Technology has made tattooing a lot more convenient than painful. Modern tattoo machines are really efficient and can get the job done a lot quicker. Not only are the machines more advanced. The quality of inks used for tattooing nowadays are a lot better and can provide a richer color palette.

tatoo and health


One of the downsides of getting a tattoo is that many people consider it is counter-culture. Even in a liberated country like America, there is still some kind of social stigma against tattooing. In many workplaces, for example, employees who have tattoos are required to hide their body paint. For many others, the first thing that come to their minds when they see a person with a tattoo is that person may be an ex-con or probably someone who cannot be trusted. Tattooing is widely accepted nowadays, yes, but some people simply are not yet ready to accept it as a cultural norm.

Health Factor

Another disadvantage of having a tattoo is that it imposes some health risk. Yes, we have a better understanding of cleanliness and hygiene nowadays, but not all tattoo artists follow the rules one hundred percent of the time. Should you decide to get a tattoo, see to it that you only let your skin be touched by no other than a reputable tattoo artist.

Inked For Life…Or Not

We used to think that once you’re inked you will always be inked. Thanks to modern technology, that is not the case anymore. Today, there is a treatment referred to as tattoo laser removal, which as the name suggests, eliminates traces of tattoo from your skin with the use of lasers. This is considered as the gold standard in tattoo removal and is a sought after procedure. Due to its effectiveness, however, this procedure does not come in cheap. Also, depending on the size of the area that needs treatment, repeat visits may be required. Nevertheless, if you are someone who wants to say goodbye to your tattoo, you can now breathe easy and be assured that there is a way to restore your skin’s original state, that is, tattoo-less.


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