This Spring in focus: Bohemian Chic

Spring has come. The warmer weather, even though it is still not in its fullest, has made us get out of our houses and go and find new items for the season. If you have been roaming around the shops lately, you have probably noticed a new vibrant style on the shelves. This new style is not entirely new because we have seen it a couple of times earlier, but it has made a huge impact on the fashion industry. Of course, I am referring to the bohemian chic, about which you will find about in the following few paragraphs.

The origins

When someone mentions bohemian chic style, the first thing that comes to my mind are the seventies and the hippies. And with reason, because it is in the 60s and 70s when this style was popularised by the hippie movement. Bohemian style has its origins in bohemianism, which assumes an unconventional lifestyle (notice the similarity with the hippies?), usually involving artistic, musical and poetic company. This lifestyle is reserved for wanderers and adventurers, and no wonder it was predominantly seen in the hippie era. The comeback of boho style we all witnessed in 2005, and it came back again on the wings of the spring of 2015. And for a good reason.

Boho Chic Girls

What it’s all about?

Boho chic of today is no longer a mere replica of an old era, no. It brought the ‘sentiments of the 60s and 70s’, but with a touch of the modern reshape. Namely,  it subtly infused the hippie spirit into the garments, but has evolved in accordance with our needs, so that we can all embrace it and rejoice the warmer weather. Bohemian chic implies the entire colour palette, the femininity, romantic style, kaleidoscopic prints, maxi feminine skirts, even luxurious makeover followed by an avalanche of dreamy silhouettes which give you the freedom and adventurous thoughts.

Special recommendation

If you are interested in the bohemian chic movement this spring, here is what you should look for. You can start with soft, powdery colours such as rosy pink, minty green, peachy shades and delicate lilac, especially if you are in a romantic mood this spring. Match a few of these colours together on a maxi dress, for starters, and you can even combine them with folkloric textiles and, my personal favourite, psychedelic prints. Floral appliqués on maxi dresses, and kaftans are a superb choice because they complement soft and subdued colour palettes and balance the transparency. And if you want to add a touch of style to your asymmetrical skirt or maxi dress, flat sandals are simply a must.

Bohemian jewlery

And lastly, maybe the core of the bohemian style of the 70s is a touch of mismatch. Elongated silhouettes with halter necks would definitely not be the same without the clash of hues and patterns, so do not be afraid to experiment. Take a moment and relax, and combine ‘the unimaginable’ and be the queen of the romantic bohemian chic trend this spring.


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