Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bedside Reading Lamps

Bedside reading lamps are your best friend, if you are fond of going through the pages of your favorite novel or surfing the internet on your tablet before bedtime. This is why the process of choosing the best bedside reading lamps should not be done in haste. These lamps come in different sizes, decorative styles, and mounting options, and deciding which ones to purchase can be a bit overwhelming. So, before you select just any lighting companion, here are some simple tips to help you so you can rest assured that you have picked the perfect reading lamps for your bedroom.

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Choose Based on Your Bedroom Lifestyle
Each person has a distinct use for lighting within the bedroom, so considering how you would best use your bedside lighting will help you select the right fixtures. If you live in a studio apartment or if your bedroom has limited space, wall sconces or wall-mounted swing arm lamps would be ideal to maximize space. Aside from adding a soft, cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, these light fixtures offer versatility for reading at night and also for other tasks, such as crocheting.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Your Reading Lamps
While having identical bedside table lamps generally work, this is no longer a standard. Today’s modern home allows for mixing and matching certain fixtures including bedside lamps. One thing to keep in mind is, get lamps with the same scale so it is easy for you to reach them from either side of the bed. It is also best to use a similar architectural theme when purchasing different lamp base styles. Modern bedroom trends feature same lamp base colors with different lampshades and identical reading lamps on different bedside tables. There is no strict design rules to be followed, as long as your bedside lamps make your bedroom look and feel fabulous and are comfortable to use.

Consider Other Types of Lighting Fixtures in Your Bedroom

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Instead of the usual bedside reading lamps, you may want to consider other types of lighting fixtures, such as soft chandeliers or ceiling pendants which may hang beautifully at each side of your bed. Also consider the light bulbs you will be using when selecting your bedside reading lamps. Subtle white bulbs will be able to cast a softer glow. Go for lamps with light fabric lampshades as these will produce a more relaxing bedside feel.

Adding the perfect lighting can greatly impact the look and feel of your bedroom. There’s nothing better than to reach over to your reliable bedside lamp to help you unwind after long day. So, make sure that you create a relaxing and sufficiently lit personal space by carefully selecting the light fixtures, especially your bedside reading lamps. Assess what your bedroom lifestyle is and measure the area around your table. Try mixing and maxing lamps or even using non-traditional lighting fixtures such as chandeliers for a more interesting appeal. Pick the perfect lamps that will create a relaxing bedtime reading experience that you can’t wait to retreat to with these simple, helpful tips.

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