Tips on Pre-delivery Preparation!

The tiring period of 9 months pregnancy ends with a life threatening labor! Once a woman delivers a baby, she sinks into a new world of motherhood. Motherhood is both a daunting responsibility and an amazing opportunity.

To enter the world of motherhood, a woman must prepare for a healthy start. As it says, ‘A good start is half done’. Here are a few tips on safe labor and pre-delivery preparation.

Tips on pre-delivery preparation

  • Hygiene: Self hygiene is essential to a safe delivery. Make sure you are thoroughly scrubbed and there is no hair growth on the genitals. Use anti-bacterial soap regularly to avoid any germ transmission. Avoid douching or else that may lead you to vaginal fungus or yeast.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise and safe body movements keep women fit and healthy. It not only builds up your stamina to push the baby out but keeps you active after delivery. It also boosts up your immunity and helps you recover speedily. Practice breathing in and out, it will help you fight while labor suffocation. Since vaginal delivery stretches out vagina and affects elasticity, you must observe kegel exercises prior to your delivery to maintain vaginal tightening. Kegels keep women safe from pre & post-delivery urinary incontinence.
  • Food: As soon as you know you’re pregnant, say ‘no’ to junk food. You’re what you eat and your baby takes what you eat. Eat healthy to avoid complications like diarrhea, palpitation, heart-burn or acidity. Eating junk may lead you to high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.
  • Meditate: Fear, anxiety, overthinking, depression etc. will take you nowhere. In fact, it can risk your baby’s normal development. Overthinking and fear create problems that aren’t there in the first place! Meditate to nurture your soul and heart. Listen to your gut feeling and self-counsel yourself. Talk to your friends and family and if you think you’re suffering from post-delivery depression, speak with your doctor!
  • Self-Education: Not every petite lady is good at handling infants in fact most woman are naïve to the process. But learning and self-education can make it easier. Read parenting magazines, get subscribed to online parent counselling magazines to learn latest tips and tricks. Talk and plan with your spouse, so that both of you share this beautiful transition from partnering to parenthood.
  • Pre-admission Preparation: When you start nearing up your due date, prepare a baby trolley so that your baby doesn’t fall short of anything. Make sure your baby trolley has everything that is required at the hospital, from towels to toiletries, from napkins to nappies and from bibs to wraparound, ensure nothing important is missed out.

Apart from what you have kept for your baby, you must pack your own bag too! Ensure you have a new pack of undergarments and a few new gowns.

Entering motherhood is one of the greatest achievements and a holiest call. A woman must prepare in a way that she doesn’t experience anything bad. Enjoy every moment to its fullest!


If you’re nearing up your due delivery time, keep yourself prepared! Read above to know how to prepare yourself for mentally, physically and emotionally.


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