Top Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Should Be The Hottest Trend

There is no simpler way for one to express who they really are than through fashion. Over time, we all develop and perfect our personal fashion styles and preferences. So, it can be safely concluded that fashion is the one that dictates all the rules to us. In the fashion industry, terms like “lightweight, stylish, gorgeous or comfy” are frequently used. On the contrary, it is practically impossible for us to relate the terms like “healthy, organic or sustainable” to our clothes. Let’s make a brief test. Have you ever wondered who really makes your clothes or whether the clothes we buy is eco-friendly and healthy enough?

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Although we can often hear the term sustainable fabrics, no one seems to explain what this term really means. Sustainable clothes are designed to meet all ecological and organic agricultural standards. This means that such clothes are made out of organically grown fibers that aren’t chemically treated either during the growing or clothes production. Since sustainable clothes aren’t treated by pesticides, dyes and other highly toxic substances, they bring improvement in both environmental and socioeconomic aspects. Here are the reasons why they should be the hottest trend.

You will contribute to Earth

Only when you get worried about our planet, will you wish to go green. What you should know is that, by choosing sustainable clothes, you contribute to your environment a lot. First, the natural resources, including water, soil and energy will be preserved. Secondly, the use of renewable resources like wind or solar energy will be improved. And last, but not the least, numerous toxic substances that endanger biodiversity, ecosystem and the Ozone layer will be discarded from everyday use.

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It’s righteous

Buying organic clothes that are approved by Fair Trade Certification, you will make sure that the people making these clothes are treated well, that they work in safe and humane conditions and that they earn an adequate wage.

It is better for animals

If you can’t wait for the fall to rock your favorite leather boots with a leather handbag, maybe you would like to think twice. Leather can be made out of cows, pigs, goats and sheep, as well as a number of exotic animals like alligators. According to numerous researches, only in the USA, millions of animals are killed and skinned for the purposes of fashion industry. This is definitely the information that cannot leave us heartless. Choosing sustainable clothes, you will always be able to look at your wardrobe without any sense of guilt!

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You will improve your health

The main goal of every person is to make themselves and their families safe and healthy. But, is this really possible as long as we’re using regular clothes that are dyed and chemically treated by various highly poisonous substances? Next time, while picking some synthetic item, you should ask yourself whether it is worth risking your health. Maybe you would like to try out apparel made out of organic fabrics, such as organic cotton, bamboo, wool and silk. These clothes are toxic-free and, most importantly, you can find practically everything you need, from hemp underwear, colorful bamboo socks to amazing organic cotton and silk apparel.

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dress with flowers

It’s a long-run investment

There is a popular belief that organic clothes is a lot pricier that the conventional one. Luckily for us, this is not true. When you take into account the prices of pesticides, insecticides and other toxic chemicals, as well as the permanently damaged and fruitless soil where GMO products are grown, you will realize that it is organic clothes that are actually cheaper. Most importantly, since it is of higher quality and pure fabrics, it will last longer, so one won’t have to revamp their entire wardrobe that often.

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The abovementioned facts are sufficient for all of us to notice an immense difference between sustainable and regular fashion. By choosing such lifestyle, you will not only contribute to Earth, but also enhance your health significantly. Most importantly, you will feel that you’ve made the right decision. For all these reasons, we can safely conclude that the sustainable fashion isn’t supposed to be a short-term trend, but something that will be appreciated forever!


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