Training For Your Ideal Body Shape

When it comes to physical activity, you need to understand that not all comes down to losing weight or getting your body ripped for body building purposes.

Training is something that should be treated as a regular, almost daily routine you’ll adopt, not because you’ve seen celebrities work out or because you want to shed those extra 10 pounds you’ve piled on during winter but because you care about health (both mental and physical), your self-esteem and healthy body image.

The mere start of working out, especially if you haven’t gone to the gym for a really long time, will be difficult, painful, and stressful and you’ll probably want to quit after just a couple of sessions. But, don’t! Hang in there – the end result will be much worth it!

However, working out randomly is absolutely wrong. To have results, i.e. for your workout to count, you need to have a structure and know exactly what you want to achieve with the workouts. This is why it is amazing to work out with a personal trainer (if your budget allows it, of course) or join group sessions in the gym where you’ll have a lead trainer instructing you on the exercises.

These are some of the most commonly picked out programs to work out by and we believe they may be a good stimulation:


Aerobic is a group workout session that last for about an hour. It is a physical exercise combining exercise with stretching, strength training and sometimes weightless training (depending on the group’s goal). It promotes physical fitness and it’s not a really intense workout.  Aerobics classes are usually divided into different levels of intensity and complexity. You will always have an instructor who is making sure his/her students are doing the exercises properly so there are no strains or injuries.


Boxing / Tae boo

This one is getting more and more popular as we speak. The initial idea of this training was self-defense but it turned out it combines both self-defense and weightless (well, no wonder with so much activity involved). This is a rather intense training with an appointed instructor who manages the group. Depending on the instructor, the workout sessions are usually divided into three segments and stretches at the end. There are also boxing bags and all muscles of your body are involved in this workout. Kick box is the mother sport of this amazing workout. Try it! It’s an amazing stress relief and your body will be banging!

tae boo 1

Tae boo


Pilates engages virtually your whole body. It is similar to yoga. The difference is that it emphasizes your body’s core — the abdomen, lower back, inner and outer thigh, obliques, gluts and so on.

Pilates develops much of what exercisers need — flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, and good posture. Also, with Pilates you are facing a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise.pilates 1

When it comes to Pilates, it emphasizes correct form instead of weight loss so this may be the discipline for you if you are looking to stay fit and keep your weight balanced.

pilates 2

Gym / classic

Enrolling with the gym and working out on gym equipment is one of the most usual options people looking to get fit opt for. Treadmill, bicycle riding, stepper, lunges, weight lifts… all these count for a great muscle engagement and definitely promote weight loss. However, remember what we said at the beginning of this blog – you need a supervisor or good plan/instruction in order for your workout to have an effect. Consult with a trainer on what to do, at least the first month.

gym 1

If you are going to the gym recreationally, then treadmill in any form is an amazing workout. It promotes weight loss and it’s safe in terms of injuries.

gym 2


CrossFit is by far one of the most intense workouts out there. It is designed for weight loss primarily and it engages every single muscle of your body. You always have an instructor that works with the group and watches closely on each and every one of you, monitoring your exercises and pushing you forward. It’s extremely powerful! You’ll best workout in your CrossFit clothing as Australia has a very interesting climate, you’ll agree.

crossfit 1

crossfit 2

Good luck with your workouts and we honestly hope you’ll achieve whatever the goal you had in mind! And remember – work hard and results will show!


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