Trendy Kids to Follow On Instagram

They are new, popular, trendy and know how to dress. The new wave of kid-bloggers whose style can’t be ignored is overwhelming our social media profiles. And although these fashion blogs featuring children wearing all kinds of stylish and trendy clothes have grown in popularity in the last couple of years, there are still some people who disprove of it. So are these children fashion blogs a cute project for moms to enjoy watching their little ones play dress-up ,or is it just another form of hyper-consumerism, we will let you decide. Check out a few of the most famous kid fashion bloggers that already made a breakthrough with their outfit combinations.



One of the most recognizable fashion blogs both domestically and abroad. It was started in February 2014. byCollete who uses her two young sons as models. She tries to recreate some of pop culture’s most recognizable men. The goal was to show people that you can dress up like your favorite Hollywood stars and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Or as their motto says ‘You don’t have to be rich to have style!’. This blog has gained enormous popularity over the years and has spread all over the media and the internet.



Have you hear of Alonso Mateo the five year old Instagram fashion icon? With more than 22.000 followers you must have. His mother Luisa started posting pictures of her son on her Instagram account a few years back and he was soon then discovered by a celebrity stylist UgoMozie who was drawn to Alonsos confidence. The outfits he wears are chosen together with his mother in his own personal walk-on closet. The clothes are exceptionally well tailored and stylish. Luisa claims that Alonso is still too young to figure out the fashion world just yet.


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Haileigh, the 4 year old fashion icon from New York is taking over the internet outfit by outfit. This little model together with her mother Zulay creates adorable combinations of all kind of different wear. Her mother started working on her outfits even before Haileigh was born. Playing dress-up is something they consider a cooperative work which they both enjoy very much. You can see pictures of her in various clothes starting from a casual look, to something more serious and even to kids formal wear.The trick is letting her decide what she wants and what she likes the most at the given moment.

So if you take your time and check out these blogs we prepared for you today, we guarantee that they will not leave you speechless. These little fashion models together with their parents created a trend that has been spread all over the internet and the media. It has gained enormous popularity over the last couple of years and people can’t seem to stop talking about it. And how can we blame them? So whether you approve of this trend or not, you’ve got to hand it to them – these little fashionistasknow how to dress.


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