Weekend Plan : Prepare your Skin for Fall

As the summer heat is waning and nature changes the colors of its cloak, people should also start preparing for the forthcoming fall and welcome it ready for all the challenges it brings. While during the summer months the skin suffered a lot, although you might have been extremely cautious, now it is time for recuperation and revitalization of the skin.

Old skin off

One of the most important pre-fall treatments is removing the old skin cells and let the layer underneath the wasted one start breathing. Many exfoliation processes, such as microdermabrasion, are generally simple and they can really improve the condition of your skin. The exfoliation itself needs to be done regularly in order to keep the epidermis look young and shiny. That layer of the skin is the firewall from all the bad influences from the outer world, but it also gets a lot impacts. That is why the epidermis needs to be preserved and regularly exfoliated or peeled. You can do it on your own or visit specialized cosmetologists.

Protect the lips

Although lips can get quite dry in summer, too, fall usually causes more trouble to it. First of all, the weather conditions become a lot different and lips do not react always in a positive way to some fall nuisances, such as the wind and low temperatures. Of course, it depends on what hemisphere you live, but in the northern hemisphere, fall means a lot of trouble with chopped lips, so a chopped lips healing balsam or a cream is a must-have of every purse (and even men’s bags).

Rejuvenate the skin

Although exposure to sun rays definitely has a lot of benefits to our health, if you overdo with that or stay in the hot sun between noon and 4 pm, your skin is going to get dry or even seriously damaged. Now that the crazy summer is gone, you can start recuperating the skin. First of all, you need to take a lot of vitamin C. No matter if you are going to eat oranges, lemons or peppers every day or take it in the form of tablets, this vitamin is extremely important for the welfare of the skin.

Prepare your Skin for Fall

Apart from the vitamin-treatment, you should also lower the amount of alcohol you to spare your skin unnecessary stress. More water and tea would be perfect to prepare skin for the fall.

In addition to that, you should maybe change the cream and add some nourishing oil to the hygiene of your skin.

Less soaping, more cleansing

While soap, especially the fragrant ones that also have a peeling feature really have a deserved place in a beach toilet bag, you could skip it for a while as fall is coming. It could be replaced by a soft and nourishing cleanser. It would definitely rejuvenate the skin, especially in combination with some of the exfoliation techniques.

The weather conditions in fall demand a whole new approach for the whole body and the skin is her on the waterfront (literally). Due to that, get your skin ready and your body fit for fall.

Author: Sophie Andersen is a health blogger based in Perth. Sophie is hooked on yoga and healthy living. Follow her @andersen_sophie.


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