What Are Best Role Models For Girls?

When it comes to movies and cartoons today, many will disagree whether they influence little kids either positively or negatively. However, even though there are some bad examples, we can still find a plethora of good ones from which your little princess will learn only the best things in life, without you having to scold her or give her a ‘talk’. So, in the following few paragraphs you will find about the best female characters from movies and cartoons that your daughter can learn from only positive traits and develop them further on in her life.

  1. Merida, Brave

Merida is everything but an ordinary girly princess. If you do not want your kid to learn how to build positive traits, then do not let her watch this animated movie which is centred on a strong mother-daughter relationship on her way of becoming the next queen. Even though she is a bit rebellious, impulsive and prideful, she is very brave and she resolves all her child-like behaviour with the help of her family, she learns loyalty, love, communication and forgiveness. There are no curse words in the movie, and there is a lot of action. And your kid may want to use a bow afterwards, but it’s a sport, right?


  1. Audrey Hepburn

This iconic actress is a great example for your daughter – especially if she wants to become an actress. Not only is she great in her work, but she is also a UNICEF ambassador and a great philanthropist, compassionate and she devoted her life to kindness. Being a humanitarian, she is also a mother, wife and one of the most admirable and inspiring women in Hollywood. Ranked as the third greatest female screen legend in the history of American cinema, this naturally beautiful woman is the proof of perseverance and strong character legacy.


  1. Katharine Hepburn

Sticking to Hollywood actresses, this one is also a great example of talent and innovation. She is famous for her spirited personality and strong independence. Being at the same time both independent and charming, making you not want to remove your eyes from her, she is in fact listed as one of the women who changed the world. Hepburn is extremely individual persona, very assertive and confident, being one of the first women who wore trousers on the big screen. Even though she had some ups and downs, she managed to come back to the top, being the lead actress in one of the most iconic roles on screen.


  1. Oprah Winfrey

This philanthropist, humanitarian, actress and businesswoman at the same time is a great role model for your little girl. What she can learn from Oprah is to endure the most tumultuous things in life, as well as to find ways to survive the hardships life serves and to build a huge network of people which works together in helping other people and the ill advantaged. This strong and self-confident woman positively influences everyone she talks to, so she will be a perfect role model for your kid as well.


And finally, sometimes there are no words that can explain people how to behave, which is why it is best to learn from experience. This way, you can be sure to positively influence people without having to give them a pep talk. So, why wouldn’t you, then hire an animator from the Fairy Princess Parties agency and surprise your little girl with her favourite fairy tale or actress role model? Her world will be enriched with this experience and she through contact with them she will get a clearer picture of how things should go in life.


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