What We Do Wrong When We Try To Lose Weight ?

If you want to lose weight , but also to keep the desired weight and line , it’s time to change lifestyle . It is necessary to avoid unhealthy foods , exercise every day and sleep properly .
Many girls make mistakes when they try to lose weight fast . Continue to read to find out the most common mistakes when trying to lose weight and which ways of losing weight don’t work .

Mistake # 1 : Starvation

The worst , and the most common mistake that we make when we want to get the slim body is starvation . Starvation is a torture for the muscle tissue and the body , which can result in various changes in the metabolism . All the doctors and experts for a reason say the same : the extreme diets are bad for health , and they don’t give a permanent solution .

Mistake # 2 : Pills , shakes and various preparations for losing weight

No mater how good their advertisement is , regardless of the attractive and magical sales woman and the recommendations of other users , unfortunately , there is no magic pill , powder or shake that you would save your time and suffering . So next time , instead of buying pills for losing weight , buy apples – they are cheaper and more effective .

Mistake # 3 : Different ways losing weight without exercise

Your friend told you how to lose 2 inches in size only by going every day to the sauna ? Think twice before you decide to try this method because the long hours sweating in a sauna will not help you to get rid of the fat . Sweating is a good indicator , but only if you exercise .

Mistake # 4 : Monotonous diet

Perhaps you heard about a diet that recommends to eat only certain foods . For example , apples . Most people believe that keeping the same diet will help in achieving the desired weight and body , but in fact the opposite happenes . Scientific studies have shown that the best way to lose your extra pounds is to combine the right and regular exercise with a healthy diet . If you exclude one of these two things , you will probably be unsuccessful .


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