Who Are The Big Celebs Wearing Cazals

Cazal eye-wear was the pinnacle of hip-hop fashion in the 1980’s. Worn by legends like Run DMC, Spike Lee, and even Sammy Davis Jr., the glasses became a statement about you were in the 80’s. But, these over sized jewels weren’t just a fashion statement confined to a single decade. They offer a timeless sense of flair that many in the contemporary hip-hop scene have taken note of. The truth is that Cazal glasses never really went out of style. The release of a vintage line of Cazals in the mid-2000’s prompted a new generation of rappers, crooners, and others to don the classic eyepieces.


Arguably one of the most famous lines of Cazals were the 607s. Jay-Z, one of the most famous rappers of our generation, has been seen sporting a pair of these ultra-classic shades. The thick black rims and gold applique give Mr. Carter an unmatchable flair. Of course, the 607s aren’t the only vintage Cazals to make their return in the modern age (in fact, there are 14). But, Jay will stick with the classics and we can’t blame him for it.

Rick Ross

In 2011, Rick Ross actually had a custom pair of Cazals commissioned for his rather prominent brow. His pair was engraved with the logo from the Maybach Music Group as a way to set his loyalties in stone (so to speak). The rapper was seen wearing these custom shades in a vlog on his YouTube channel.


Way back in 2009, Diddy rocked a pair of 607s (similar to Jay’s). This, of course, was at the very genesis of the Cazal revival, and having Mr. Combs show them off did wonders for Cazal’s resurgence.


Fab also wore a pair of 607s in 2009, and, by 2011, he had started rocking a pair of sunglasses designed off the original 607 model. In any event, it’s clear that Cazals have had a major impact on Fabolous and his sense of style.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown wore a pair of Cazal 607 eyeglasses in his 2013 video for “Look At Me Now.” Alongside Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne, Brown definitely looked stylish. It’s also becoming clear that 607s are the style of choice when it comes to Cazals.

When all is said and done, the fashion industry will certainly benefit from this resurgence of the Cazal brand on major stars. Although it hearkens back to the days of vintage hip hop, there is something very modern about the Cazal design. It is a brand that was ahead of its time. Despite the fact that the 80’s were typically known as an era of wild and baffling fashion choices, Cazal is an 80’s brand that will stick around a lot longer than most others.

With unofficial brand ambassadors like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Chris Brown, it will only be a matter of time before Cazals represent the utmost in style again. Like Ray-Ban, Cazals are certainly going to be a big factor in the future of popular culture and fashion trends.

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