Why Experts Say It’s Never Too Late To Get Braces

We’ve probably all known at least one child at school who had to get braces. The poor kid who, as they adjusted to the metal wires now wrapped around their teeth, sometimes slurring their speech or getting their lip caught. While embarrassing at the time, it could at least be said that once the braces came off the kid was rewarded with a much better-aligned smile than everyone else. Those with less than perfect smiles were then left looking on with envy. Alas, braces are something only kids get, right?

Actually, times have changed since those awkward middle school days. The medical science practiced by orthodontists has moved on, and now dentist experts are saying that it’s never too late. 

But how can that be? What’s changed?

The Evolution of Orthodontic Practice

The braces we’re probably familiar with are the fairly obtuse messes of metal wires and bands that wrapped right around the tooth, which were not only obvious but also unsubtly impactful. Now, however, the technology has been developed to a point where they’re not only smaller and easier to cope with, but can even be carefully disguised in order to hide their presence from a casual glance.

Even more traditional metal braces aren’t as bad as they used to be. Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, braces can now fit more naturally and more comfortably in the mouth than ever before. At last! No more irritating pinching of the lip, or the occasional, embarrassing drool. They’re also a lot easier to remove, which makes eating and cleaning your teeth far less of the pain that it used to be.

Why Have Braces?

In today’s world everyone wants the perfect smile — unsurprising, considering your teeth are among the first things people will notice about your appearance. In this battle for the perfect smile, braces can be a very effective and valuable tool in reigning in unruly teeth. The result is greater confidence in yourself, and a much broader, more natural-looking smile. However the benefits of having braces fitted are not only aesthetic. There are actually health benefits behind having braces as well.

One the main problems with crooked teeth is that they create more space and recesses for the build up of plaque to occur. Further, the unusual positions and angles of the teeth also mean that cleaning can be harder than it otherwise would be. As such, having your teeth straightened and realigned can be an excellent way to improve the long-term health and cleanliness of your teeth.

Another problem that stems from misaligned teeth is that it can sometimes make chewing a little awkward as well, placing undue pressure on areas that aren’t designed to handle it. Over time, this can damage tooth enamel, and lead to cracked or even split teeth. There’s also a slight risk of teeth accidentally nipping parts of your mouth while chewing.

Even if you’re not especially concerned solely about appearances, braces can be an excellent way of improving your overall dental health. If nothing else, they make it easier for your teeth to be cleaned and allow them to last you a lifetime. As our life spans continue to lengthen, we have to rely on our teeth for quite a long time — taking care of them is simply invaluable.

You’re Never Too Old

So now you can see why over half of orthodontic patients today are adults rather than awkward pre-teens. The benefits of having braces are manifold, and can greatly improve your self-esteem, your teeth’s appearance and your oral health and hygiene. So there’s really no excuse to not arrange an appointment with Orlando Smiles today and get that smile you’ve always wanted!

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