You Can Train Your Brain To Prefer Healthy Foods

A recent study performed at Tufts University in Massachusetts proved that you can train your brain reward centers to react to healthy low-calorie foods instead of junk food. Addiction to toxic foods develops over time by repeatedly eating foods with high calories especially those like chocolate that induce serotonin secretion.

Researchers studied the brain reward centers of thirteen overweight men and women, who had battled with lifelong unhealthy food cravings. Evidence showed that during a period of six months the test subject’s brains were scanned with MRI machines and the results revealed significant changes in the arias of the brain connected with learning and addiction. The brain became sensitive to healthy foods, it would reward for the intake of healthier food choices and was slowly becoming less sensitive to rewarding the intake unhealthy foods.

Your mind is a powerful weapon you can use to your advantage when trying to get healthier. You can teach it to react positively to healthy food alternatives. Your brain and body are not used to whole grain products or low-calorie diets, they see it as a punishment. Remember when you were a child if you did something good you would get a positive feedback in the form of sweets or pizza? Your brain might have been unintentionally taught that junk food equals happiness. You can start out by substituting high-calorie rewards with healthier alternatives. Your brain will not pick up on the clues right away so you must be patient, but it will eventually tie good behavior with healthy food.


You can substitute high-calorie chocolate with dark chocolate which is full of antioxidants, improves blood flow, blood pressure, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, lowers bad cholesterol, improves brain function and can protect your skin from sun damage. Next is the corroding drink known as soda. From diabetes, to heart disease, to decaying teeth; soda is one of the worst things you can put in your body. Alternative could be flavored water but it is full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, so it is better to make your own by putting fresh fruit (strawberries, lemons, oranges, or even mint) into a cold pitcher of water. Tea is a great alternative to soda; it improves muscle endurance, lowers cardiovascular disease, it is good for the skin, hydrates the body, helps fight free radicals, can help diabetics process sugar better. Proper food supplements will give your metabolism a boost by reducing appetite, stress, anxiety and even cholesterol. Also, you can make your own vegetable drink; add low-sodium vegetables to your juicer and mix away, you can opt for a sweeter taste by adding fruits to your smoothie.

Next, you should always go for whole grain products. The health benefits are staggering; it reduces the risk of heart stroke, type two diabetes, heart disease, asthma, inflammations, colorectal cancer, gum disease, helps maintain weight, keeps the carotid arteries healthy, prevents gum disease and tooth loss. You should try avoiding processed meats like sausages and pre-packed meats that are usually high in sodium and cholesterol. Substitute them with fish, chicken (without the skin), moose, caribou, deer, and other meats. You should not fry them, smother them in oil or butter. Your brain, body and tongue will get used to the new tastes and will be grateful for it


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