Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India 2019

Are you looking for best smartwatch under 5000 rupees? Well, you are in the right place. This article highlights the top 10 best smartwatches in India under 5000 rupees you can buy online. Under 5000 rupees, you can expect modern design, latest user interface, amazing build quality, and lots of features in a smartwatch. Unlike smartwatches under 2000, these budget smartwatches are highly customizable from the user point of view and provide better value for the price.

Other than the basic health monitoring features, smartwatches under 5000 rupees have good battery life too. Most of the smartwatches on my list have 72 hours of standby time and 16 hours of usage time. You can also expect improved voice call feature with noise cancellation support. But If you want the voice to text feature or a smartwatch with google assistant, I highly suggest increasing your purchasing budget.

Well speaking of brands, you will be able to buy some of the most popular smartwatch brands under 5000 rupees. Fastrack, Xiaomi Amazfit Cor, Noise ColorFit, Noosy, and few other smartwatch brands are available online under the same umbrella. So without wasting any more time, lets jump right into my list.

These are the Top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 Rupees :

Product NameEditor RatingsPrice
Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch9.8check-price
Intex Irist Pro Smart Watches9.5check-price
PTA CF006-SB-039 Steel Bluetooth Smartwatch9.0check-price
Amazfit Cor Fitness Band8.5check-price
Noosy NSY Y1-374 BT8.2check-price
JOKIN V9 Smart Watch8.0check-price
BEBIG Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch8.0check-price
Wayona W-KDT-03 Tracker Smart Wrist Watch7.8check-price
Noosy NSY Y1-332 BT7.5check-price
m-fit Smartwatch7.5check-price

1. Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch

My list starts with Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness smartwatch. It is a beautiful fitness smartwatch that packs some exciting features under the hood. In terms of design, it is similar to apple series 4 watch. If you are an athlete or sportsperson, you are going to love using this watch. Here are the specifications of this watch:

  • A 1.22-inch big touchscreen LCD display with an anti-scratch coating on the dial.
  • IP68 grade water resistant cabinet.
  • Continuous heart rate monitor with screen capture mode.
  • Compatible with Android (4.4 & above) and iOS (9.0 & above) devices.
  • Wireless magnetic charging with a USB port.

Although it does not support SIM card calling, you can easily receive notifications of incoming calls, messages, social media mentions etc. All you need do is download the app on your smartphone and sync the watch. Speaking of battery life, ColorFit Pro lasts for 3 days of normal usage and 12 days on standby mode. Overall, it is a great fitness smartwatch under 5000 rupees.

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2. Intex Irist Pro Smart Watches

Intex Irist Pro SmartwatchTo be very frank with you, Intex was my first watch as a kid and I loved it. Intex is known for making high-quality and durable watches. The top of the line high-grade strap material, unique designs, and advanced clock engines make it one of the best selling watch brands in India.

Intex Irist smartwatch is the first attempt of the company to enter into smartwatch market. It is a smartwatch with sim card slot that enables the user to call directly from the watch. Although the handsfree voice quality is not that great, watch still has a good noise cancellation support.  Let us take a look at the specifications of this smartwatch:

  • It is a smartwatch with sim card slot which supports 2G/3G/4G network connectivity.
  • Irist Pro is only compatible with Android device.
  • There has a Bluetooth 4.0 module that ranges up to 10 meters.
  • Like other smartwatches, it has alerts if calls, notifications, phone finder, Sync call logs etc.

One thing that I don’t like about the watch is the irreplaceable straps. Also, the watch comes only in a glossy black color which is quite standard. Otherwise, it is a great watch with all the modern functionalities and amazing diamond-like design.

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3. OPTA CF006-SB-039 Steel Bluetooth Smartwatch

Opta steel smartwatch

I have always been a huge fan of OPTA stainless stell smartwatches. They offer advanced hardware and amazing build quality in a smartwatch to its customers. The CF006-SB-039 is a perfect example of rugged smartwatch under 5000 rupees. I am sure you will be mesmerized by the design of its thin round touchscreen dial. The dial reminds me of moto 360 2nd gen smartwatch which is one of the best smartwatches in India. Let’s take a look at the specifications of OPTA steel Bluetooth smartwatch now.

  • The watch is made up of stainless steel.
  • Built-in ADI motion sensor that records the precise movement of the user.
  • A calibrated heart rate monitor that measures every beat in real-time.
  • The smartwatch has a built-in optical blood pressure sensor to monitor B.P all the time.
  • Wireless charging with long standby time.
  • Watch is equipped with standard features such as Sleep monitoring, Sedentary reminder, Calorie counter etc.

Just so you know, it is not a smartwatch with voice call support. However, you can sync all your call logs and phone data by installing the smartwatch app from the Google Play store. Sorry, there is no app available for IOS users. In all, If you are the one who drops gadgets every now and then, OPTA steel smartwatch is worth a shot.

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4. Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

Next on my of best smartwatch under 5000 rupees in India is the Amazon bestseller smartwatch of the year. The Amazfit Cor is a comprehensive fitness tracking band that combines durability with a sleek and minimalistic design to help you stay active and informed all day long. Although it is a smart fitness band, it has all the features that a smartwatch offers under the same price range. Here are the highlighting features of this watch.

  • Amazfit Cor features a bright 1.23 inch curved IPS color LCD touchscreen with Gorilla 3 glass and anti-fingerprint coating.
  • It automatically tracks your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep quality etc.
  • 5 ATM water resistance allows you to take the Cor to depths up to 50 meters for swimming.
  • Receive notifications for emails, SMS, phone calls, as well as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack, and Weather forecast.
  • The fitness smartwatch is compatible with Android and Ios operating systems.
  • It has 3-axis accelerometer with optical heart sensor.
  • Magnetic wireless charging back panel for quick charging.

With interchangeable bands and wireless charging, Amazfit Cor is the smart fitness band on this list. Unlike Mi band 3, it is available at a discounted price on Amazon and is under prime delivery option as well.

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5. Noosy NSY Y1-374 BT

Noosy NSY Y1-374 BT smartwatch

The main reason why Noosy NSY-Y1-374 Bluetooth smartwatch is on my list is that it supports nano-SIM card calling along with onboard 32 GB of memory. Starting off with the smartwatch review, Noosy NSY has a circular dial with a metallic finish on the corners. The 1.25-inch touchscreen display has a moderate screen resolution. I do not recommend buying a screen protector for this watch as it dims the overall brightness making it hard to use outdoors.

Speaking of battery life, the Noosy NSY Y1-374 lasts for up to 19 hours in a single charge and has 4 days of standby time. Unlike other smartwatches such as Samsung Gear 3 or Pixel smartwatch, it has a stamina mode which helps save battery for more working hours. I tested the watch under stamina mode and it lasted for straight 56 hours with normal usage.

Customizing this watch is simple and easy. The silicon straps are detachable and can be cleaned with wipes. The home screen wallpaper has 5-modes which can be set according to the mood. Two manual push buttons on the right side of dial help scroll through the activity tracker functions such as step counter, heart rate monitor etc. Overall, this smart wrist watch looks awesome and works great for the price.

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6. JOKIN V9 Smart Watch

JOKIN V9 SmartwatchWould you like to take selfie directly from your smartwatch? If yes, JOKIN V9 smartwatch is for you. V9 is a lightweight smartwatch which offers smartphone-like experience on your wrist. It has a beautiful touch screen dial with easy to browse user interface. The watch is so easy to operate that you can buy it for your kids as well. let’s jump right into its specifications.

  • The touchscreen dial has an anti-scratch high-light sandblasting vacuum coating.
  • The JOKIN V9 can make phone calls and send messages with the help of a micro SIM card.
  • It supports micro-SD card to play music everywhere and anywhere you want.
  • V9 smartwatch is made of the highest food grade silicone which is super durable.
  • It supports Android 4.0 and above but no compatibility with IOS.
  • Like other smartwatches under 5000, it has a second-generation dynamic real-time heart sensor.

Lastly, it also has all the other standard smartwatch features such as a pedometer, sports meter, calories burn counter, mileage records, walk remind, and anti-lost software. I am sure you won’t be disappointed buying this wristwatch.

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7. BEBIG Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch

BEBIG waterproof smartwatchSmart bracelets have gone more popular nowadays in India. People are generally calling them wrist mobile phones for good. BEBIG smartwatch is one such smart bracelet which offers incredible computing capabilities right on your wrist. My first impression of this watch is pretty good. It has nice round matte finish dial with light‑sensitive photodiodes on the rear side of the watch. The super bright Magenta-Black silicone strap is eye-catchy in a crowd.

The screen is super bright with exotic neon fonts on the dial. The screen is not as responsive as I wanted it to be. It takes time to get used to properly use your finger or nails to scroll down the widgets on this smartwatch. But as I said, it is one of the best smartwatches under 5000 rupees it won’t let you down. Also, the BEBIG watch is also waterproof up to 80 meters under the water. Also, the silicone straps have symmetrical holes which makes it more breathable wristwatch of all time.

The smart bracelet cum smartwatch comes with 1 year of manufacturing warranty. Rest assured, I have not seen any defects in the functioning of the watch for past 2 years. In all, it has been my daily driver for monitoring heart rate and calorie burn during workouts. If you a reliable smartwatch with exotic color designs, I highly recommend buying BEBIG waterproof smartwatch.

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8. Wayona W-KDT-03 Tracker Smart Wrist Watch

wayona kids smartwatchAt first, I thought it is some kind of a kid toy to play around. But soon after I realized it could be the best kids smartwatch on my list.  Wayona W-KDT-03 is a tracker smart wrist watch which has an inbuilt GPS system. On the top of that, this kid smartwatch also has a sim card slot for voice calling. Here I am providing some highlights of this watch.

  • It has a dual mode positioning system (GPS + LBS) so you can check the position of the user at any time anywhere.
  • If your kids are in danger just to long press SOS key for 3s, it will display SOS on screen and call the emergency asap.
  • It works as a geoelectric fence for your child.
  • Wayona smartwatch can be used as a cell phone to receive calls without signals.

In all, Wayona W-KDT-03 is a like a mobile radar. If you care about the security of your kids outdoor, you should definitely check out the pricing of this watch.

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9. Noosy NSY Y1-332 BT

Noosy NSY Y1-332 BTLast but not least smartwatch on my list is Noosy NSY Y1-332 BT. It is a Bluetooth smartwatch that is compatible only with Android devices and Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Unlike Samsung smartwatches, Noosy NSY has a minimal design and offer standard features out of the box. It is also a smartwatch which has sim calling feature as well. All you need is to insert a nano-SIM card and a micro-SD card before booting the watch.

Speaking of build quality, Noosy NSY smartwatches have been rated as the most durable watches in the past. The company uses high-grade composite material to build the dial casing and food grade silicon for straps. So, you can carry this smartwatch recklessly without worrying too much about safety. Please note that the silicone straps are non-replaceable hence choose the color wisely before ordering online.

Lastly, the watch has great standby time and lasts for up to straight 29 hours in a single charge. Also, it takes around 45 minutes to entirely charge this watch to its maximum capacity. So, if you do not want any fancy style but rather an elegant professional looking smartwatch, Noosy NSY Y1 is just perfect for you.

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10. m-fit Smartwatch

The next wrist smartwatch on our list is M-fit smartwatch and is widely popular among Indians. In my opinion, this watch is a cheaper version of Moto 360 watch. It has the exact same circular touch screen dial with a metal casing on top. Although the casing material seems to be of cheap quality, the overall design of m-fit smartwatch is quite appealing. Under 5000 rupees, this watch is a must-have fashion accessory for men.

One thing that I did not like about this watch is the irreplaceable wristband. The watch comes is only available in black color with a matching strap. Other than that, this Bluetooth smartwatch offers some cool features. You can receive and send text messages with the help of an inbuilt messaging app. On top of that, this smartwatch can also dictate your incoming calls and full-text messages as well. Just like other luxury smartwatches, this watch has a thermometer on the back panel which provides precise readings. Let us take a quick look at m-fit smartwatch technical specifications.

  • 1.22-inch IPS touchscreen display with a 360-degree overview.
  • It can store more than 500 contacts and has 100 SMS storage capacity.
  • The touchscreen display has a standard resolution of 240×240 pixels.
  • With 230mAh battery, it lasts up to 8 hours.
  • The smartwatch has a 128 MB memory size which is not expandable.

Speaking of storage size, m-fit smartwatch does not have any onboard space. Therefore, the company asks the customers to insert a MicroSD card before using this watch. In all, if you are looking to buy a replica of a high-end smartwatch with lots of features then m-fit smartwatch is worth considering.

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